Partner in customized actuarial service

Arcturus is your partner in actuarial services. We are an enthusiastic team of all-round specialists for non-life insurance, health insurance, life insurance and pension insurance.


Product development and pricing

The non-life insurance market is shrinking. This requires smartly priced insurance products. We use data analytics to make in-depth risk analysis and we help you translate them into attractive products and profitable rates.

Risk calculation

Based on data analytics, regional factors, future risks and risk behavior.

Product concept

Smart responses to customer needs? Offer the option of pay-per-use insurance.


Which risk characteristics? Premium per year or per mile? Reward for good behavior?

Your ideal partner for the actuarial function

We will fill the actuarial function appropriately, depending on the nature and size of your organization. At larger insurers, we are a sparring partner for internal actuaries and an independent advisor for management and board. The actuarial function advises the board with expert assessment of pricing, reinsurance, technical provisions and ORSA. Being critical as well as thinking along with you; we show that it is possible!

At smaller insurers, in addition to the actuarial function we also provide a first-line actuarial team, completely independent of each other. The first-line team supports pricing, technical provisions, capital calculations, risk scenarios for the ORSA. With our Solvency tools, you comply with all mandatory reports (Solvency, RJ, IFRS) and we help you to work more efficiently and to speed up processes.

‘What could be your efficiency gain?

Actuarial custom service also means that we help you to improve efficiency. Your processes can improve step-by-step, resulting in an increase in quality, with a smaller chance of work delay or interim surprises. We help you unburden.


Save working time on reports. Make use of proportionality


Fewer findings from DNB. The actuarial function will improve your compliance

Solvency tools

Arcturus offers practical tools for insurers in the Solvency II world. You can obtain a license (Solvency Tool, ORSA Tool), or hire us to apply these tools for you:


  • Arcturus Best Estimate Tool – modeling of technical provisions
  • Arcturus Solvency Tool – for calculation of the Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR)
  • Tool for producing XBRL-reports to DNB (Arcturus holds an external license for this)
  • Tool for the valuation of the mortgage portfolio
  • Tool to calculate the ‘200 meter concentration risk’ (part of non-life Man Made catastrophe risk)
  • ORSA Tool – for projecting scenarios on the Solvency II balance sheet
  • Pricing Tool – to make detailed tariff analyses


Our experts follow the news relevant to the insurance market. We provide comments on interesting developments. We are eager to think along with you about your future.

stijgende inflatie

How to inflate or not

Since March 2022, inflation in the Netherlands has been rising enormously as a result of increasing energy ­prices due to the war in Ukraine. For example, in its September forecast, the CPB expects inflation (CPI) to amount to 9.9% in 2022 and to fall to 2.6%


Cybercrime insurance

Cybercrime is no longer a new phenomenon as more and more companies and individuals are getting into trouble. Why are non-life insurers not responding more easily to the need for insurance, especially for individuals?

Extreme weather

The latest blog by Melchior Mattens about modeling catastrophe risks and the last article about the impact of climate change on Dutch non-life insurers.

Arcturus’ 20th anniversary

We are proud that Arcturus has been active in the Dutch insurance market for 20 years.
 In 2020 we will certainly pay attention to this milestone, and we will continue to be your unresting service provider in actuarial custom service.

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