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Arcturus is a young actuarial consultancy firm with highly qualified, highly experienced actuaries and enthusiastic young talents. The employees are all passionate actuaries and data scientists, who enjoy working together and with their customers. There is room for personal initiative and development, and together we form a strong team that accelerates in busy times and difficult deadlines.

peter van kampen

Peter van Kampen

Partner at Arcturus. In-depth knowledge in the field of non-life and income insurance.

Large experience in managing teams. Easily switches between levels within an organization.

“My ambition and motivation is to translate technically complicated matters into practical applications and efficient solutions for the customer”

jan hooper

Jàn Hooper

+31 6 2455 0133

Founder of Arcturus. Has extensive knowledge and experience in SII, financial risk management and actuarial topics. Has experience in managing actuarial and interdisciplinary teams. She is known for her broad and in-depth knowledge and her critical attitude, in addition to her flexibility and advisory skills. Her enthusiasm and drive, she motivates both her team and her clients. She is Actuarial Function Holder for several non-life insurers in the Netherlands. Her strong points are delivering high quality work, challenging existing methods and developing alternatives.

“My customers always come first”

Has extensive specialistic knowledge of Solvency II, such as for estimating reserve risk for non-life insurance. Experienced in the implementation of reporting tools for QRTs. Did her thesis research on a partial internal model for disability insurance. Enthusiastic, eager to learn and solution-oriented. Excellent analytical thinker.

“Solving complex problems in such a way that the customer can continue, that is my passion”

michiel van dellen

Partner at Arcturus with a main focus on Actuarial Function activities for various clients. A highly experienced professional with 22 years of experience in the insurance industry. Has in-depth knowledge in the field of non-life insurance and reinsurance. Previously worked as supervisor of medium-sized insurers at the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and as manager Finance and Risk at a reinsurer.

Michiel is analytical, communicative skills at different levels and solution-oriented.

“Based on our analysis, my goal is to come up with usable solutions for the customer as much as possible”

Melchior Mattens

Actuary with extensive experience and knowledge of Solvency II and risk modeling. Always looking for innovative ideas and insights that lead to more adequate risk management. Has a great affinity with pricing, catastrophe modeling and reinsurance. Always ready for customers and colleagues. Winner of the Johan de Witt thesis prize in 2017 and was named Actuarial Talent of the year in 2018.

“Kites rise highest when they go into the wind: with a healthy critical eye, the customer receives the best advice”

patrick dannenburg

Partner at Arcturus, with a focus on the Actuarial Function. Has in-depth knowledge in the field of non-life and income insurance and is an easy discussion partner for every level within your organization. A highly experienced actuary, with over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. Previously worked as an actuarial function holder at a medium-sized insurance company, as a senior manager at a large consultancy/accounting firm and as a supervisor at De Nederlandsche Bank.

His strengths: involved, connecting, guiding and achieving goals effectively.

Based on my broad background, I am passionate about the ‘financial health’ of organizations, while not losing sight of the human side.

marco van der lans

Marco van der Lans

Marco is an experienced actuary who has been employed by Arcturus since November 2021. Before joining the company, he worked in consultancy and as an actuarial manager for a large insurance company. He therefore has experience with a wide variety of topics including model development, model validation, LAC DT, IFRS 17, and due diligence work.

Marco loves challenges and is always looking for a way to perform work more efficiently and better. In addition, he likes to focus on the translation of complex actuarial matters into management and control information. In short; he is your sparring partner for all your issues.

I like to make your problem my challenge


Angela van Heerwaarden

Actuarial manager at Arcturus since 2018, combined with teaching at the University of Amsterdam. Angela is highly experienced in pricing, reserving, capital and reinsurance. Develops and provides training programs at different levels, and is able to upgrade model validations from burden into effective improvement programs.

She loves a deep dive into tricky problems, is a helpful discussion partner and can help others progress through coaching and training.

“Risks are my passion, especially looking for ways to manage them”

Bernd is an all-round actuary. Carried out SCR reports and ORSA calculations for various non-life insurers and done a lot of development of models for non-life insurers at Arcturus. In addition, extensive actuarial knowledge of life insurance, especially in the field of actuarial certification, assumption studies and documentation of internal models.

“I like to deliver good quality products”

Many years of experience in non-life insurance and is far from tired of this. Studied Econometrics and Actuarial Sciences and completed the education for Actuary AG at the Actuarial Institute.

 Is energetic, socially engaged and very disciplined. Loves to dig into complex issues and to translate content into practice.

“Non-life insurance is so diverse, it continues to fascinate me”

Constance van Noort

Constance van Noort

Senior actuary at Arcturus since 2017. Constance has over 20 years of experience in the pension sector and more than 15 years in the insurance sector. The focus is on advising pension funds and pension administration organisations, reporting, accounting, supervision, audit and risk management.

Constance is socially involved and has insight into all stakeholders. Openness and honesty are of paramount importance to her.

“My clients all indicate that I am customer-oriented and very involved”

Freek van den Honert

After completing his studies in Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam, he has been working at Arcturus since 2019. Mainly engaged in data-driven analysis, forecasting models and simulations. But he also enjoys doing tool development.

“KISS gets done a lot faster”

Isa Widdershoven

Employed at Arcturus since 2022. She completed her studies in Econometrics and Operations Research in Maastricht during the same year. Excited to use and broaden this knowledge in practice at Arcturus.

I don’t shy away from a challenge

Working at Arcturus since 2021. Kalyani has a background in Economics and pursuing ASA pathway with Society of Actuaries. Mainly involved with SCR Tool development and building user-friendly interactive apps for validation and pricing analysis.

Kalyani is result-oriented, analytical and loves to learn and work with new challenging topics.

“My goal is to provide productive, high-quality solution: Linking data analysis to optimal solution in interactive client-friendly manner”

Started at Arcturus in December 2022 as a Senior Actuary and in that role he is actively involved in performing first-line as well as second-line actuarial work for various clients. He is an experienced professional with in-depth knowledge in the field of non-life insurance. Previously Kees worked as a manager at a large consultancy/accounting firm and he performed first-line as well as second-line actuarial work for medium-sized insurance companies.

His strengths: customer-oriented, enthusiastic and result-oriented.

“We will work together to find a suitable solution for your problem”

Extensive experience in the actuary field. Mainly life insurance, but also income, pension and non-life. Worked in the context of actuarial certification, Solvency II, model validation, embedded value, IFRS and Wabeke. Also knowledge of projection models in AFM and Moses. Preference for the technical side of the profession based on a solid approach.

“I like to deliver good and thorough work”

Senior actuary at Arcturus since 2017. Mark is responsible for various Solvency II reports. He is also involved in the further development of Arcturus tools and is employable for various ad hoc assignments as well. He has many years of experience as a non-life actuary, both pricing and reporting, in particular for P&C insurance, sickness leave insurance and disability insurance.

Mark is skilled in quantitative analysis and has a great sense of responsibility for meeting deadlines.

“I like to help our customers in analysing their data and in optimally using these data for better business results”

Very experienced actuary in the field of Life Insurance, Risk and Reporting and Model Validation. For Arcturus he is skilled in producing periodic SII reports of the Best Estimate technical provisions, SCR and ORSA for medium-sized non-life insurers.

Previously worked as a Solvency II reporting actuary, financial risk manager and model validator at the group actuarial department of a large insurer and was involved with the regulator in the assessment of the internal models of the major insurers in the Netherlands. His strengths: accuracy and formulating substantiated judgments.

“There is a suitable solution to every problem”

Junior actuary at Arcturus since 2022. After completing her thesis on cyber risk, Romy was able to finish her study Actuarial Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. She has a background in Applied Mathematics.

Romy is eager to learn and a go-getter.

“I see change as an opportunity to innovate”

Ronald Castenmiller

Senior actuary at Arcturus since 2022. Ronald is a versatile actuary, who is at home in many different actuarial fields. He has experience in the field of SII reporting, both the technical provisions and the SCR, as well as the changes in the meantime. But he is also familiar with hardcore model building and model validation. He knows Dutch disalbility products well, but also knows his way around non-life insurance products.

Ronald enjoys sharing his knowledge, insights and experiences with others.

“Numbers are nice, but the stories behind them are really important”

Employed at Arcturus since early 2021. In the following summer, he was able to complete his study Actuarial Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. Motivated to put the acquired knowledge into practice.

Using modern tools, we can continue to create beautiful products for our customers.

Actuary at Arcturus since 2020. Tom is a professional result driven non-life actuary with 3 years of experience in non-life insurance consultancy. He has short lines of communication with his clients and helps them turn Solvency II into added value.

“Call me if you are stuck in an analytical maze, I will gladly help you getting out of it!”

Office Manager

Financial worker

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“Are you the perfect addition to our team”

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