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This is our slogan for a good reason. Our actuaries have broad expertise and experience, which makes them widely applicable throughout the insurance and pension sector.

Actuarial function

As your partner for the actuarial function, we work in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the international Actuarial Professional Association. We clearly explain the technical analysis in our board reports. We translate all findings into workable recommendations, and their follow-up is being monitored. Our approach applies a work program tailored to the type and size of the organization and the risk profile. Besides that, we are very energetic in our signaling function for changes in legislation and regulations, market developments and new risks.

Customized service? For the actuarial function you should definitely contact Arcturus: we know where proportionality may be applied. In addition, we aim to train your organization where necessary, to help your employees become self-reliant where possible.

 Flexible? Not where it clashes with our professional, independent judgment! Customers are not always happy with our recommendations, but it certainly does help them to improve! And that’s what it’s all about.


Solvency II: calculations and reports

Tools for all common calculations for Solvency II can be found under Solvency Tools. Our actuaries are happy to perform all calculations for you. We are also available for reporting on technical provisions, SCR, premium policy, reinsurance policy, ORSA, suitability of the standard formula and others. We apply customization in the best way.


Data analytics

Arcturus has a strong and creative data analytics team to help insurers execute big data applications in product development and pricing. We also conduct independent research in areas from meteorology, burglary statistics to the frequency of congenital diseases. We can link research from public data to the experience data of specific insurers. Always with the aim to support insurers with new applications.


Own Risk & Solvency Assessment (ORSA)

Arcturus helps you with the entire ORSA process: risk analysis, projection calculations (with Arcturus’ ORSA-tool ) and reporting. The actuarial function remains independent: he / she reviews the chosen scenarios, checks the scenario calculations and gives an opinion on the report. Collaboration with the risk management function is paramount.

Reserving and technical provisions

We have experienced actuaries for reserving and reporting for all branches. We deliver full service for small insurers and we coordinate the methods and outcomes with the actuarial function. Our experts can also review and improve your methods or validate your models.


Product development, pricing and profitability

Arcturus is a partner of the Actuarial Institute in their training course on Product development. We use our broad experience in the lessons. For pricing we use the latest data analysis techniques and our practical experience with PARP processes. A profitability analysis is a starting point that often provides guidance.


Risk management for pension funds

We value the pension obligations that you as a company have according to the various legislations. Arcturus makes actuarial valuation easy for you.

Arcturus information on accounting (pdf in Dutch)

We also help you implement the new IORP II guidelines for pension funds and pension insurers. Now that the guidelines have come into effect (2019), we are happy to help you further.

Arcturus information integrated risk management 2017 (pdf in Dutch)

Climate risk

Catastrophe and weather modeling solutions are not a restricted domain for specialist companies and large reinsurers. We at Arcturus have developed our own tools for this. We are heavily interested in storms, hail, drought and floods, and are always looking for the impact for policyholders and insurers. Climate scenarios for your ORSA are available in our ORSA Tool.

Blog Melchior Mattens: Data mining and climate change: catastrophe risk modeling offers new challenges and opportunities

 A changing climate: what impact does this have on non-life insurers? (pdf In Dutch)

Investment policy, ALM project - 'light' or complete version

Will interest as a concept survive in the long term? Which investment strategy suits specific obligations? What requirements must it meet? And what is the relationship between the investment mix and required capital or funding ratio?

Arcturus helps monitoring and steering the investment policy, both for insurers and pension funds. We fully calculate market risks and insurance risks, or provide clear insight into the effects of shock scenarios. You will receive the results in an easy dashboard.


Market insight, competitor analysis

Our experience is broad, thanks to our customers and the different backgrounds of the Arcturus employees. We manage to get to many tables. We also like to dig into statistics, so that we regularly come up with striking insights.

Model validation - independent validator

Thanks to extensive experience in model validation, we can create an appropriate validation policy for your organization. Validation can then be coordinated on a project basis per model. We also help the first line actuarial team to organize the model and documentation and solve other findings from the validation. Our experts are ready to perform a one-off independent inspection of the tools and models that you have developed internally or that you obtain from other parties.

 Blog Angela van Heerwaarden: Model validation: something for you?


Knowledge partner

You need a knowledgeable partner in the actuarial field to correctly and efficiently perform mandatory actuarial tasks. An external actuarial position can mean a lot for your organization. We also provide relevant market knowledge and keep up-to-date with developments in technology and regulations. In doing so, we focus on improvements in models and results as well as on possible cost savings.

Blog Angela van Heerwaarden: Proportionality: ‘Yes, unless .. (In Dutch)

Reinsurance: assessment and optimization

An important and difficult part of risk management for an insurer is optimizing the reinsurance programme. Purchase of reinsurance determines the return, the solvency capital requirement and the future financial position of the insurer. However, optimizing is complicated:

  • What part of the profit margin is sacrificed for this?
  • What risk reduction is achieved?
  • What is the impact on the required capital?

Thanks to years of experience in non-life actuarial business, Arcturus has developed methods to adequately support insurers in this choice.

Would you like more information or are you interested in what Arcturus can do for you? Please contact 
Michiel van Dellen.

Blog Michiel van Dellen: Herverzekeringsoptimalisatie (In Dutch)

Training and coaching

Do you want your team to move forward, or do your directors / supervisory board want to prepare for assessment by DNB? We are happy to create tailor-made training for deep insight in insurance technology, Solvency II, risk management or other specializations. We are experienced teachers at both academic and practical levels. The drive to help people move forward is in our blood.

Arcturus is also your partner for individual coaching and personal development support for actuarial talents. Please contact Angela van Heerwaarden

Interim management

Our experienced actuaries are happy to deliver temporary support in keeping your teams and processes running. We offer both our own employees and related actuaries in the network of flexibly deployable independent professionals. Contact Peter van Kampen for the right candidate for your projects.

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